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Eric Pesach Harbor is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of "Eric Pesach Harbor - Digital Marketing".


Marketing strategy always begins with the precise definition of the target audience – the customers. The Facebook business page contains a lot of data, so it is a goldmine that provides a real glimpse into the people who are interested in you.

Eric Pesach Harbor Digital Marketing has gathered a number of key points for you. What is important to look under Insights on the Facebook page and how this information can be used to adapt our advertising strategy:

What is the right time for action?

Discover popular days and times

Eric Harbor Digital Marketing
Eric Pesach Harbor Digital Marketing

‘Posts’ in the menu, tells us when our fans respond to posts we upload to the page and which types of posts are popular on the page. Use the information to post when your fans are active and in their favorite style (image, link, or text).

The cuts under ‘Page Views’ give us a deeper insight into who our fans are. Here you can find a breakdown by age, sex, location, and even the types of devices they use when they enter the page. This information allows us to make sure that our fans match the page. This information also allows us to tailor our content to the existing audience, such as location-based promotions, and to make sure our posts look best in the types of popular devices used.


The ‘People’ option gives us a glimpse of the active fans on our page. Before you go out with a campaign that requires engagement from fans (comment, sharing, etc.) – check that the campaign is attractive to your active audience to be popular on the page. For example, if most active fans are 18-24-year-olds, we’ll maintain an age-appropriate language, and a campaign that wishes to like a page, sharing a post and comment, will not deter them as much as an older audience.

Many other things can be learned about the clientele and use them for marketing

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Our deep recognition of the world of user experience and the world of advertising creates the perfect combination needed to match the strategy to the desired and actual target audience. Like all great things, you have to start with one small step – so contact us.

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