Eric Pesach Harbor Digital Marketing – What is Outbreak?

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John Doe

Eric Pesach Harbor is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of "Eric Pesach Harbor - Digital Marketing".

Eric Pesach Harbor Digital Marketing – What is Outbreak?

Many site owners feel that Facebook advertising and Google promotions do not capture the marketing potential of the website or the product and service they offer.
Eric Pesach Harbor Digital marketing is aware that advertising on significant media sites costs a lot of money.
In many cases does not pay regarding cost versus benefit.
Outbrain fills precisely this vacuum and offers a high-quality, elegant and affordable solution.

Outbrain is a platform for presenting content recommendations that operate on two levels.
On the one hand, it offers publishers with great monthly traffic to present their content recommendations on their site with built-in content recommendations. The working model for these sites is the REVENUE SHARE method. The website receives part of Outline’s revenue for each click on an article that came through it. The model is very similar and almost business-like to the Google Adsense model.
On the other hand, it offers advertisers the ability to upload references to articles from their site on their platform and publishes them as content recommendations on all places displaying their platform.

It is essential to understand that Outbrain allows uploading content stories only and not advertisements. The article should be of value to the surfer.

How do I use outbrain correctly?
A quality campaign at Outbrain requires, in the first stage, to write an interesting and relevant article in the advertiser’s field of business. The article should, on the one hand, give value to the surfer and on the other contain marketing content and call to action that will make the surfer to see the level of professionalism and attractiveness of the service provider and make a call.

Beyond the writing of the article, another essential element of the success of the campaign is the ability to attract the attention of the surfer by choosing the correct picture and description in one line of the article. As more surfers click on the ad its value increases. In addition, it is likely that the ad will be displayed more often, as the Outbrain algorithm will label it as an attractive article.

Eric Pesach Harbor Digital marketing recommends to refresh the campaign all the time and to create new and interesting articles to maintain a high level of activity over time.
To maximize the impact of your outbrain campaign, you should support it with Remarketing, which will mark the surfers who enter your site and continue to chase them in different media.
Advertising content through Outbrain combines elements of PR, branding, and sales.
The very appearance of large sites leads to huge exposure, increases the value of the brand and with proper planning of the article and referrals within which you can also turn surfers into customers.

How much does it cost?
The Outbrain payment is the click-only fee. This means that the charge is only for users who clicked on your ad and entered the site. CPC can range in the order of tens of agorot to 2 NIS, and the cost you’ll pay per click will, of course, affect the amount of exposure your ad has to your article on different sites.

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